Monday, April 2, 2007

My Life/ Spring Break

I used to love Spring break as a kid. My kids are so happy no school for a whole week. But easy week for them means a much harder week for me. It means that I have a full daycare almost everyday. I love having my kids home it's just harder with other kids. It would not be so bad if the weather was nice but the weather is terrible, they are predicting snow for Wednesday. We have our first baseball practice tonight. Hopefully it will go well. And we will not all freeze. I had a sad moment over the weekend my 9 year old son figured out that there is no Easter Bunny. He asked so I had to tell him the truth. I can't even explain how it made me feel. He's not that little boy anymore. He also had his first slow dance with a girl on Saturday. We were at my Uncles 50th birthday bash and a 12 year old girls asked him to dance. His face turned so red and my heart just melted. He was so excited after, it's all he could talk about the rest of the night. My baby boy is growing up.


Begered said...

Good luck on spring break with the kids...I am sure you will get through it just fine.

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