Friday, March 30, 2007

My Life/ Life is just to busy!!!

On top of everybody being sick around here all week, we had lots going on. We had conferences for my son and daughter which I am happy to report they are both doing very well. My son did awesome on his MEAP test. I talked to my daughter's teacher more about her fear of writing in her journal because she is still giving me such a hard time about going to school on journal day. He teacher just told me to keep doing what I am doing and hopefully she will over come her anxiety over the whole thing. We are starting baseball next week which is also spring break at our school. My husband is the head coach for my son's team which in other words means more work for me. I had to call everyone last night to let them know when practice will be starting. I am the behind the scenes coach. I am not athletic what so ever. I am afraid of the ball, my son laughs a lot at me when I try to pitch to him. Thankfully he takes after my husband he got all of his sports skills. I had two sisters and was never really encouraged to play sports. I tried basketball but like I said the athletic ability is just not there. I used to be so envious of the real sporty girls in high school the ones that were just good at everything. I am going to try to encourage my girls to play sports or to at least try them anyway. This parenting stuff is a lot harder than I ever imagined. The work, the worry the responsibility. It never ends. At times I think maybe one more especially when I see a newborn but then I think maybe NOT, when I think of all the worry that comes with another child. They are all worth it at the end of the day even my terrible two year old. Which since she was sick had been much more calm and go with the flow, I know this won't last but I'll sure take it while I can. She told me this morning that I was her baby and gave me the biggest smooch ever. Moments like that are priceless and remind me why I do the things I do for these kids. The running, volunteering, homework it's all worth it. Even my two year olds stubborn ways. What can you do they won't be little forever.


dusio said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I really like yours, also. I will add a link to it on my board.

jenu said...

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for visiting my blog as well, if you'd like to add me to your directory that would be great.


jen from jentopia

iamthewalrus said...

Thanks Shelley, I really like your blog too. I'll be happy to be added to your directory.

Sujati said...

Hi Sheely,thanks for looking at my blog,I would be delighted if you added me and I will do the same! Sorry it took me so long to get back-we are having connection problems,I'm at a friends catching up on my mail just now! Best Wishes, Sujati.x

SooHK said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog, you have lovely blog and this post tells me that you are enjoying your life as a mother..... becoming parents is the next step in becoming a complete person...

Lee said...

Enjoy your children while you can, Shelly...they don't stay young long enough these days. Even when things get rough, they are still blessings. :)

Why don't you buy your little girl a real pretty diary of her own for her to keep at her bedside and encourage her to write in it each night before she goes to sleep. Explain to her even if she only writes one sentence, it is okay, but that when she gets older she can look back at it and read it, helping her to recall her childhood. Give her some coloured pencils and tell her she can draw a picture to depict the story she is telling about her day if she wants to. Don't force her...but just put it beside her bed. Her curiosity will end up getting the better of her and I bet you will see that she starts writing in it. :)

Also see if there are any books around suitable for her age group that are written about a little girl writing in her diary. Ask her teacher if she knows of one...or a librarian...that could also help if she read a book like that.

no name said...

I remember having a diary. I used to write down things about my 'crush' and games i played at recess and who i was mad at. I also remember that we used to keep journals at school and i would always lie in them to make my life seem better and more interesting and so that i wouldn't spill any secrets that i wrote in my diary at home.

Gabriela said...

Hi Shelly.

Being a parent seems like a beautiful experience. I definitely want to become one someday. Hopefully I will be a good mother.

By the way, I suck at sports too. And I'm afraid of the ball as well. So embarrassing...LOL