Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Life/ Going On!!!

It is so hard to believe that it has been 2 weeks since we received the tragic news about my brother in law. We are all trying to stay busy, not that we are trying to hide our emotions because we all still cry, but he would want us out living our lives. Today we are taking the kids roller skating. First we are going to stop at the cemetery. My sister is ready to go there now. We have also have been taking our kids bowling even my naughty 2 year old. She loves it. I can't believe we never took them before. The weather is so nice around here finally. That helps a bit. Baseball is also in full swing so that will keep us really busy. This whole thing has taught me to appreciate my children more, I really want to be there for them and appreciate watching them grow up. The things I thought were important before mean nothing to me now. Well we are off roller skating hopefully we won't break any bones.


Lee said...

Keep up this positive attitude, Shelly. :)

It's good to hear you're all enjoying bowling even Miss Madam Two-Year Old! I bet she turns out to be really good at bowling! lol That's probably what she needs to let out some of her tantrum aggression! Hehehehehe...just don't stand in front of her when she's in a bad mood and has the ball in her hand!!

You're going to be fine, Shelly...your outlook is excellent...just hug and love your children and let them know you do, every day...and don't forget Mr Shelly, either!

Katie McKenna said...

I like to roller skate.

Being positive is a good thing.. but so is crying. The ability to accept and embrace that all feelings have value helps us find and maintain our balance.