Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Life/ Rainy Thursday

Thank goodness it is almost the weekend. I have had a very long week. It has been pouring down rain all day, which really does not seem to bother me today. Somehow the rain feels comforting today. We just found out that the Military is having a memorial service for Todd May 17th. My husband and I are taking that week off and driving my sister and her daughter and my 3 crazy travelers to Texas. I wish it were for another reason but I am excited to see where they lived. I feel bad that I never made it to Texas when he was alive and he would always say you'll never come to Texas to see us, and actually we were planning on a visit there after his second tour of Iraq, but things have not gone as planned. So for him I must make this trip. I think my sister needs all the support she can get when going back to Texas. This is where they spent most of there married life together and it is going to be hard to be there without him. My monsters will keep her occupied. It's always an adventure when we travel. You never know what's going to happen. We are all going bowling tomorrow night. My son is so excited. He loves to bowl. The football draft is Saturday so we are having some friends over for a cookout. I hope the weather is nice so all the kids can play outside. At least we are all keeping busy. My 2 year old Hailey turns 3 May 12th. Finally we will be out of the two's. Not that it is really going to make much of a difference. I think she will always have a temper and attitude. Oh well she makes life interesting.


Lee said...

I love the picture of our little "madam", Shelly. She is a cutie. Don't deny her, her individuality...I think she is going to be a blessing to you. :)

The trip to Texas is so is great that you are going to do this. I think a lot of things will come together in your mind from this trip. :)

Katie McKenna said...

What a cutie! So adorable!

My horse Sackett's birthday is on the 12th too. Extra carrots all around!

I also think that is it is wonderful that you are making this trip. Regardless of where you were, your bother-n-law knew where he was in your heart. I'm sure your sister appreciates you always.