Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Life/ Moving Forward

Well this last week has been so incredibly hard. It is still to hard for me to put into words. It feels like things will never be right nor good again. His body is set to come home tomorrow. From there he will be taken to the funeral home and we will have two days of visitation and Wednesday will be the service. I still can hardly believe that he is gone, I keep waiting for a phone call that it was all a mistake. My sister is just living that is all I can really say, she is just getting by hour to hour. Seeing him in the newspapers and online is just so surreal to me. He was so full of life and was looking so forward to spending time with his wife and daughter in a few weeks. We should be picking him up from the airport for a visit not to say our final goodbye. How do we say goodbye when none of us are ready to let him go. This has really tested my faith, it is my strong faith in God that is helping me cope with this. Otherwise I don't know how I would get through this. I just want to hold my sister and take away all this pain for her, it just kills me inside seeing her go through this. Her daughter is a miracle, she is so beautiful and full of life, I see her father in her which also gives me great comfort.


Mary said...

Thinking of you and your sister. I know my sisters are always my greatest source of support. It's good that your sister has you. Stay strong.