Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh how the years go by

Last weekend we took the kids summer shopping at Birch Run for the weekend. My kids always look forward to the staying in the hotel part of the trip more than the shopping part. I love the saving money part and getting away from housework for the weekend. It was probably our best shopping trip yet. Tyler even enjoyed the shopping part since he is all about picking out his clothes now, I learned never to send him shopping alone with his Dad though, they came back with 15 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. We were remembering our first trip to Birch run, Tyler was maybe 2 years old and we had gone with my Mom and sister, Tyler was a very slow talker so he did not say many words and he said the word "eat" on that trip, you would have thought we won the lotto hearing him say that simple little word. Now many simple words later here we were shopping with our 11 year old. Time sure fly's. Its hard for me to sometimes think about just how big they all are now. My Baby will be 5 in May. That seems crazy to me, she will go to morning kindergarten next school year and the PALS program in the afternoon, that means she will be at school all day long. That has been very hard to swallow being my last baby. And Mackenzie aka big mama will be at Ealy in the fall. That means I will have a kid at each school all of them going all day long. How crazy does that seem? It feels as if I am losing a piece of me slowly with each new day. John and I have really been talking about how old they are getting but it often ends with both of us getting choked up with the thought of them not needing their Mom and Dad so much anymore. Its weird because when they are small you can't wait for all their firsts. Then you maybe add one or two more kids to the mix and you the world as you know it is turned upside down with crying fits, diapers, strollers everywhere you go you create a scene and you wish for the day where they can take care of themselves and you can sleep a full night without being awaken by a little one crawling into bed with you. Now that we have finally reached that point I cant help but feel a bit sad. Mackenzie's little mini mouse voice that she used to have at 3 years old, its gone and I can never get that back. Although I am looking forward to easier vacations, spending more quality time with each now that they are older a part of me wishes I could freeze time and have them stay just as they are now. Twelve years ago being pregnant with Tyler I never could have imagined being so in love with 3 totally different kids that call me Mom. God has sure blessed me...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remembering Todd