Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Life/ Getting By

Well even day's later I still feel like this can't be real, like I am waiting to wake up from this horrible dream. My sister is hanging on barely. She had a really hard day yesterday I think that it is finally starting to sink in. Whats so hard is that we have to wait for his body to return before we can really plan the funeral. My sister just wants all of his stuff from Texas and all of his things from Iraq. She just wants to smell them, which just breaks my heart. I can't even begin to imagine how she feels. I think having her daughter is the only thing really getting her through this and her strong belief in God of course. Before this happened her and I just read the book the Purpose Driven Life. I think we were given that book to prepare us for this because it sure has helped. My Grandma went and purchased some children's books about losing a loved one and what heavens really like for my kids because they are struggling to. They have never lost someone so close. I am trying not to forget about them in the mix of all of this. This is scary to them, heck it is scary to me. If I can't handle it how can I expect them to handle it. I contacted the school counselor and they have been meeting with both of them. The press are driving all of us crazy I understand that they have a job to do but they are just bugging everyone like crazy and it has only been a few day's. Everyone else has been so amazing and helpful. Neighbors friend, and family have been bringing food everyday, everyone has just been so great. We are all just trying to get by minute by minute right now. Thanks so much to everyone and all their kind words and prayers, this has been a place were I can release some of my pain. The picture is of my sister and her husband sometimes it helps to put a face with a story.


Pookie said...

Please know that I offer you my deepest sympathy for your sister, her children, and the rest of her family.

I am truly sorry for your loss. All I can do is pray for your family and I will.

Anonymous said...

somehow when I saved your blog I only saved the last blog I was on. SO it looked like you never posted. I'm glad I figured it out.
Sorry to hear about the heart ache going on.


no name said...

May god bless your sisters husband and may he live a good life in heaven watching down over your family.

Lee said...

What a fine looking young man, Shelly. Love is all around you and your family at this time...remember we all care deeply for what has happened within your family. Keep hugging your beautiful children and be there for them. My thoughts are with you, Shelly. My thoughts are with your sister and all of your family.