Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Life/ One final goodbye.

We had my brother in laws funeral yesterday. It was beautiful. He was truly honored as a hero. Our family has been through so much in the past week and a half I still feel like I am walking in a daze. We have all cried so much I can't believe that there are any tears left. This gut wrenching pain I would never wish on anyone. My sister is holding up she admits that she is still a bit in denial because she is used to not seeing or hearing from him so she feels like he's not really gone. That somehow it is a mistake. She has so many friends and family members around her right now, I am just worried about when everybody goes back to their normal lives that it will hit her like a ton of bricks. Our lives will never be the same. I am amazed at all the people in our community that came out and showed there support of him. I was so proud to say he was my brother in law. His funeral was packed full of people. The cemetery was packed. Complete strangers have been sending my sister cards, flowers and offering their support. She said her final goodbye after the funeral was over and everyone left the church she hugged the casket and had her alone time with her husband. It gives me goose bumps typing it. My heart just breaks for her. There was not a dry eye in the whole church yesterday. Everyone shares our pain. The coming weeks, months and years are going to be difficult for her, but we all still have each other. Sgt. Todd A. Singleton, husband, father, son, brother, friend, my brother in law may you rest in peace.


Lee said...

Hello Shelly,

I echo your words: Sgt. Todd A. Singleton, husband, father, son, brother, friend, your brother in law, may you rest in peace.

Lest We Forget.

I feel your pain and sorrow, Shelly. I'm so, so sorry and so, so sad this has happened.

It will be hard for your sister when everyone has gone and she is at first alone, but she needs this time for her to start to grieve, to be with herself, her child and her loving memories. Just be there when she reaches out for you. There will be times she will want to be alone...and there will be times she will want others to be with her. You may have to learn to recognise each varying moment...but I know you will be there for her, whenever she needs you.

Now, you have to take a step back and look to yourself and your own immediate family. You have all been through so much...such a harrowing time...and it's going to take time for the hurt and pain to settle down. You will never be the same again, none of you, that is true...but you must be strong...Sgt. Todd A.Singleton, that wonderful, brave young man would want you all to be strong...and happy again...for his sake and his memory...and for the love he shared with you all.

Take good care, Shelly.

Shelly said...

Thank you so much Lee, it amazes me that we have never met and I find such comfort in your messages.

avcr8teur said...

Hello Shelly, I just came across your blog today and I wanted to say how sorry I am about your recent loss. It might be hard to believe now, but time does heal wounds. Tell your sister that grieving is a path to recovery. Take care of yourself and your family.

Katie McKenna said...

It takes the time it takes. We all have our own way of finding our way back.

When all is said and done... I know that you will always be there for her. I chose solitude.... but that was simply nature's way of healing me.

Do be good to yourself!