Thursday, February 18, 2010


1. What is your current obsession? Really ME have an obsession no way! Lets see my obsessions can vary day to day even hour to hour as my husband would say, but my most current one is making sure Im ready for my inspection. I am constantly going through drawers looking for things that should not be there.

2. What are you wearing today? Jeans and a sweat shirt go figure....

3. What’s for dinner? Im thinking its a grilled cheese kinda night since Ty has basketball practice :)

4. What’s the last thing you bought? I bought a Calendar and some storage tubs.

5. What are you listening to right now? My Dad talking away on the phone to me about his job.

6. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? John and I have talked about this many times, we would love to live somewhere south, we both do not enjoy the winters here.

7. What is one thing you want to change about yourself? I wish I was able to not worry so much. I tend to take on everyone elses problems and carry them in my heart and in my mind, John tells me a lot lately that he worries I will someday give myself a heart attack worrying about things I cant control.

8. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? I would go to a nice warm beach with my family and just enjoy every second with them.

9. Which language do you want to learn? I would love to learn french

10. What’s your favorite quote? you are only as good as what YOU GIVE... I tell my children this daily...

11. Would you cook for me? of course what would you like???

12. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you? Hmm Im not really to good at this one, I guess maybe act as if they have not hurt me but I tend to think that if you completely do that you are living in a pretend world. I have given this a lot of thought lately due to my situation, my only answer is to carry on living my life as I did before and if I run into that person I would just basically act as if they were no one to me and go on with my day.

13. What are you afraid of the most? Anything happening to one of my kids, this includes all my kids (daycare and my niece and nephews)

14. Who do you want to meet right now? I would be thrilled to meet anyone famous :)

15. What is your favorite color? Purple for sure!

16. Give us 3 styling tips that work for you. Wow I got nothing......

17. What is your dream job? Well I always wanted to be a social worker (go figure) but now it looks as if I may be a teacher someday. I found out that one of the perks for being a licenced daycare provider they offer many scholarships for a teaching degree.

18. What’s your favorite magazine? love the gossip ones US Weekly is my favorite :)

19. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on? something for the house

20. What do you consider a fashion faux pas? wow no time to even think about this one.

21. Who, according to you, is the most over-rated writer? no idea nor do I really care :)

22. What brings a smile on your face instantly? John always does even when we are fighting he has the ability to turn a bad situation into a funny one (which often ticks me off more at the time) and of course my kids I love everything about them.

23. What is one word that you say a lot? WOW I say this way to often but then again if you know my family and all the drama you know why...

24. What kind of haircut do you prefer? Not one in particular I would often like to go alittle shorter for mine but my husband hates short hair.

25. What are you going to do after this? Feed my sweet nephew some baby food and read the other kids a story :)

26. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed? This will sound stupid to some but I go into my bedroom in the dark cry my eyes out and talk to God, he is the only one with answers and that can help.

27. What makes you go wild? Wow you may have to ask John that one.

28. What are your favorite movies? Sixteen Candles is my all time favorite. But I really enjoy all movies

29. What inspires you? People with faith and that are not afraid to show it and people who just help others not because they have to but just because...

30. What do your friends call you most commonly? to my face Shelly, Shell John calls me Belle, behind my back a few names come to mind lol

31. Would you prefer coffee or tea? tea, cant stand coffee

32. Which other blogs do you love visiting? My friends

33. What is your favorite dessert/sweet? cheesecake and I love any kind of fruity candy...

34. How many tabs are turned on in your browser right now? One.

35. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Wow Im looking (turning) into my Mother...

36. What is your favorite season? Summer, I love the heat :)

37. What is one wish that you really want to see come true? For my kids to have all the happiness in the world.

38. What breaks your heart? I have to agree with Lea, seeing Emma breaks my heart especially when she asks me about her Daddy. At church this past Sunday there was a chalk artist and she drew at picture and it had Jesus watching over all of us and Emma said hey my Daddy is with that Jesus. I want to see him, I just lost it at that moment.

39. What's one thing you really want to do in life? I want to be the best person, wife, mom, daughter, aunt, friend that I can possibly be. Someday when Im gone I want to be remembered as that person :) I pray that God will continue to use me as a tool to help others in their lives :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Almost there...

Well I am on the home stretch of this license business, well lets pray they find nothing major (expensive) that I have to do... I cant believe that it has not even been a month since I received my letter. I remember feeling so hopeless and helpless at the beginning of this whole process and although I still have my doubts my confidence is building with each new day. I feel like I am up for the challenge. I had my class on Thursday in Grand Rapids, which was very informative and helpful. Now all I have is my CPR stuff this weekend and I will be calling my consultant Monday to schedule my inspection. I did have a very strange thing happen to me on Wednesday though, I have been praying this past month for closure because I cant help but wonder who turned me in. This whole time in the back of my mind I was thinking I knew who this person was and I had been trying to make her feel guilty basically trying to see if she would come clean with me. On Wednesday I got this letter about my so called "investigation" and basically it was saying that my case was closed because I am in full compliance. Great news but at the bottom of this 3 page letter it had my name, address BUT not my phone number. I showed my sister and she joked maybe it was the person who turned me in phone number. I thought no way would they make a mistake like that. I googled it in and to my surprise it was another Daycare in my neighborhood phone number. One of the same people who offered their help to me after all this happened. Her son and my son go to school together. Now coincidence that her number just happened to be on there, I think not, lets think about this. In order to write me this letter they had to pull my report up which in turn would state who turned in me and their info. I firmly believe this was Gods way of giving me my closure. This couple probably never told a sole that they had done this, I mean we have a ton of mutual friends, they thought I could never find out if they never told. I guess it goes to show you the power of prayer. I could not let it rest, my feelings have been so crushed. But now that I know I feel like I can move forward. She and her husband as of today are still on my facebook page I want them to know I know. I thought maybe she would have the guts to email me or call and explain. The funny thing is back when I told her what had happened to me I would have respected her if she would have owned it then, at least give me your reasons why she did it, wether it be because she thought if she had to follow the rules then so should I. I would have been upset but believe it or not I would have felt better knowing the truth. My honest opinion is that she was just jealous, I heard she had been losing kids and she is (for now) a friend on my facebook page she probably did not like seeing all the stuff John and I are able to do with are kids. Jealously can make people do evil things. She also probably seen all the nice comments my friends leave me for watching their kids. Little did she know I do not make a ton of money, I watch a lot of family in which I do not get paid for and all these other kids they only come once or twice a week. Now thanks to her I cant watch my nephews anymore due to the fact I have to get paid. Try looking at my sweet nephew Jrs eyes and tell him why he cant stay with his Auntie anymore. Shame on her in my eyes. I was helping family and friends at a very low cost. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and God used her evil as a tool to bless my family. In the long run we are better for it. Just getting there is the hardest part. But Im doing it, as much as change causes me anxiety I am pushing my way through all of it. Im stronger for it.