Friday, December 7, 2007

My Life/ Is there really a Santa?

Oh that dreaded question of Moms with young children. Is Santa real Mom???? I thought I would be having this conversation with my son, I mean he is the oldest. Nope it was with my 7 year old daughter Mackenzie while shopping in Target.. She took me by surprise. She casually states Mom I don't think that there really is a Santa, is there Mom? I'm trying to think fast so I ask her a question. I asked why do you think that Santa is not real? She then tells me, it is just not possible. I asked her well who brings you all the presents? Well dah you and my Dad. Hmmm do I lie or tell her the truth? I basically did neither. I told her that Christmas was about magic and that Santa was magical. She smiled and just dropped it. All who know Kenzie this is just like her to drop it and move onto the next thing. So I never brought it up again hopefully she gives me one more Christmas of believing. Tyler is 10 and he has never questioned Santa. Go figure... I am crazy when it comes to wrapping the gifts from Santa in different wrapping paper, I also use different tags and pens I even change up my handwriting. John thinks I am nuts, but I just want them to believe for as long as possible. It kinda takes the fun out of Christmas when you stop believing. A quick update to my crazy life.... My Uncle was well enough to be released from the hospital yesterday. I'm praying that he takes the help he has been offered and starts enjoying life. My Grandpa on the other hand is back in the hospital because he is so sick from the Chemo. He is not allowed any visitors which I am really having a hard time with. I really hope that this all comes together before the Holiday. I am determined to have a great one! Thank you so much to everyone that wrote me and called to check on me. I have many great friends in my life that I am so very thankful for.


Katie McKenna said...

Children grow up so fast.

I'm sorry to hear about your grampa. I hope everything goes well for him.

My adopted mum just finished with her chemo in Texas. A couple years ago it was her breast. This time it was her thyroid? I talked to her for an hour. I really miss her. She says they are ( my adoted family ) all doing fine. I'll see them in the summer.

The three little girls here are wild... lol.. and noisy.... 1, 3, 5. My younger daughter's.

Have a fun weekend!

jennschultz said...

I read an article last year on what to say when your child finally asks that santa question.They gave several senerios and you nailed one of them. The magic explaination is the best for my family too. They also say to use the historical Saint Nicholas stories.I love the whole magic and still BELIEVE!And I love how you didn't over-explain things to her. That would be my downfall. NOT knowing when to zip it!Of course we could go the route of Jason's sister who told her daughter that if she stopped believing, she would stop getting gifts from Santa!
Wishing the best for your Grandpa and your uncle.And Hopefully everything will smooth out before Christmas.