Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Life/ Hailey is turning into Mackenzie!

It's true right before my very eyes Hailey is turning into Mackenzie. Not only do they look alike they now act alike. They love the same foods for example they both can't get enough of bread and butter. I mean tons of butter, I think they would each eat just butter if I let them. Hailey has to do everything her big sister does. And now that Hailey is getting taller it's like seeing Mackenzie as a 3 year old all over again. It scares me a bit I mean they even walk the same. And when I get after one of them the other one jumps right to her defense. They are ganging up on me. They are to cute though and I am so glad that they are so close. I mean sisters are the best thing I have no idea what I would do without mine. Sure they drive you crazy at times but at the end of the day they are always there for you. Speaking of which one of my Sisters is taking my niece to Ohio for the week. I am going to have Emma withdrawls. Hurry home Steph we are going to miss you two.


jennschultz said...

Its like Mackenzie has her own little Mini-Me!! They are adorable. And Summer could eat butter too. So gross.