Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Life/ Finally I get to see my Grandpa

Well I finally got to see my Grandpa tonight. Yesterday my Grandma called me and told me that they could not regulate his heart and things were not looking well for him and that if we wanted to see him we should come in the next few days. That was just awful to hear from my Grandma she is always so positive. So we were going to go last night and my Grandma called and said not to come because the roads were so bad. So at their request we did not go. She also wanted my sisters to come with John and I. I knew hearing this things were not good. Needless to say I could not sleep last night without medication. It's all I could think about today, what was I going to say to him? How was he going to look? I was so nervous.. All of us went not quite sure what to expect. We walk in to him actually sitting up eating, which my Grandma said he has not done in days. He's thin I mean really thin and he looks really old. I felt much better when he started complaining about the food and that it was dry, that's the Grandpa I know, soon he had all of us cracking up laughing, I can see what a little pistol he can be for the nurses up there. Don't get me wrong he is a very sick man but I still seen a bit of the fight left in him. I wanted to hug him but we were not allowed to touch him. He had some moments where he would talk out of his mind but all in all he seemed to be with it. To me he looked bad but to my Mom and Grandma they said he looked 100% better. They are even considering moving him out of critical care and to a regular room. And Maybe just maybe with the help of a visiting nurse he will be able to spend Christmas at home with his family. That is the only thing I want for Christmas this year, I want one more Christmas at my Grandma's with my Grandpa in his chair with all his family surrounding him. (I Promise I will be good Santa) Thanks again for all your prayers.


jennschultz said...

Shelly, I hope you get this Christmas wish. I lost my Gram this year to cancer. She took care of us when my mom was ill and a lot in my entire growing up. I miss her so much. But the last time I saw her was GREAT! She was well and I think she knew how I felt about her. She loved my babies and always said I was such a good mom. I have those memories (and many others)to cheer me when I miss her.Take any chance you get to get that message across to your Grandpa.Dont leave things left unsaid. MAybe thats what is keeping you up at night.You're not saying goodbye, you're just giving him support.My guess is that he doesnt want you all to be so sad and worried at Christmas or at any other time.
I hope this kinda helps.Your post really hit home for me. We've also experienced a lot of loss this year and I (sort of) understand the constant flow of difficult things in life.
Take care,girly.