Monday, December 17, 2007

My Life/ Great Wolf Lodge....

So we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City this past weekend. We started this about three years ago we always go the week before Christmas. The kids start to look forward to this trip starting in October and that's when I start saving for it. I must say that this year was by far the most enjoyable. My husband and I are really starting to realize that the older the kids get the easier they are to bring to places like this. Hailey had a blast and it was so nice that I did not have to carry her or chase her she just stayed right with us and was able to do everything the big kids could do. I must confess I am a tad bit jealous because she suddenly became a Daddy's girl over the weekend. She was Daddy's partner on the water slides because Kenzie wanted her time with Mommy. Which was nice for me but a tiny bit sad because usually Hailey only wants me to do things for her and by Sunday it was all about Daddy, which he was really enjoying!!! Tyler of course thought that we did not move fast enough to the water slides I can't tell you how many times I heard Come on Mom. We did manage to get a few more presents bought also which the kids were not to excited to be going shopping when we could be swimming. Tyler talked me into buying him a new pair of Heeley's( the shoes with wheels) he has out grown his old pair. The salesman talked me into these gel things that you put in the heels of the shoes and $75 later he was Heelying out of the store. Kids may get easier the older they get but they also get way more expensive. I think Wednesday will be cookie day around here, I don't have many kids that day so I figure I will start in the afternoon and have the kids help once they get home from school. I started doing this many years ago I make a variety of Christmas cookies for friends and family and every year the list seems to get longer. So I am planning on Wednesday but to those of you that receive these cookies don't hold me to it the day is subject to change because of all the craziness around here.