Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Life/ Chicago

I am so excited we are going to Chicago this weekend for a mini shopping get away. Something I really need after the week I've had. We are going to an outlet mall and staying overnight so the kids can swim. And my husband is back on the day shift starting Monday now maybe I can finally get some things done around here at night. Hopefully my 2 year old can maintain herself on our get away. With her it all depends on the day. It' only about a 4 hour drive so she should be fine she is used to riding in the car, and if she can ride all the way to Florida she can handle anything. I'm mostly worried about the shopping and her loud mouth in restaurants. With her anything is possible. I am going to try to enjoy myself this weekend I am going to try hard not to worry about everyone Else's problems which will be a battle for me since everyone I know has been leaning on me because of struggles in all their lives. I have to really learn how to not get so emotionally involved because it takes over my own life. Thanks everyone for all your caring words it really helps me feel better. Have a great weekend!!


Lee said...

Shelly...have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to take Madam Two-Year old's favourite toy or blanket with you and if she throws a tantrum, just let her! Walk away and let her get it out of her system...if she says something loud and out of turn (grin), just keep on with your normal conversation with the rest of your family members and ignore her! :) Don't worry about what strangers think about what the little one says...they won't be concerned at all. Kids are kids and your little Miss seems like quite a character! :)

Leave your worries behind you...and have a great time away.

acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Anonymous said...

you will have to tell me more about this trip. This is something that I was planning for July. Living in the south east side of michigan myself I thought I would take the train there.

Paul J. Marasa said...

I'm happy you enjoy my site--yours is pretty sweell, too. Feel free to add mine to your list. And hope you enjoy Chicago up there--I'm downstate in Galesburg, and don't get to the Big Town as often as I'd like. Don't get too wet--lots of rain, yes? Again, thanks for visiting my site.