Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Life/ Another Nice Day!!!

It was a perfect day today. The sun was shining the temps were in the 60's. The bad news is cooler weather is back in the forecast. That's depressing, but hopefully just one more month of cold temps. I took all the daycare kids out today and they went crazy. We are all ready for spring. Oh my gosh I have been coming across so many awesome blogs while surfing blog explosion. So many blogs that just touch me and that I can relate to. There are some amazing writers and people out there just wanting to be heard or find someone to connect with. I love it. It's nice to know that so many share the same issues in our lives. For someone like me it helps me feel better. I always have so much to say and no one to really listen. I think that blogging is very good therapy for those who choose to use it in that way. The whole Anna Nicole Smith saga continues I'm trying not to keep up on it as much because my obsessions can get out of hand. I become to addicted to the television. I see that Howard K Stern is still dodging the whole paternity test. Which Say's in itself that he is not the father. What a messed up situation. They have some private investigator coming forth now saying that Anna's son Daniel contacted him to investigate Howard K Stern before Daniels death. This man claims that Daniel was afraid of Howard and thought that he was giving Anna drugs. Which makes it look suspicious if this is really true. Which who really knows anymore. The story gets stranger and stranger every day, but yet I still can't help but pay attention.


Lee said...

They are three lovely children you have there, Shelly. :)

Stern looks like a bit of a sleaze-bag to me. Who knows what will happen? Everyone is clambering over each other to get to the riches...greed is a sorry thing.

Shelly said...

Thank you Lee, I am very lucky to have the three of them.