Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Life/ We made it!!!!

Okay so my trip to Chicago is not as relaxing as I planned. My son was not feeling well last night when we picked him up from his Nana's house, my husband and I assumed it was because he ate to much junk food. We tell my mom time and time again to not let them eat junk and she can't seem to tell them no. So we brought him home and he went straight to bed. We got up at about 5 am and he said he felt much better. So we were off. About half way in to our trip in the middle of my husband and I trying to figure out where the heck we are my son announces he does not feel good again. Being the prepared Mom I am I give him a towel just in case. Now mind you we are in a rented car so it is much smaller and alot more confined. My two year old monster is bucked in her car seat in the middle and my son is on one side of her and my other daughter on the other side of her. We are on a busy highway trying to find our next exit and my son decides to blow chunks. Which this is huge for him, he is 9 years old and this was only his second time ever throwing up, so he thought he was dying. Luckily he managed to get in only in the towel. So I was like this is not so bad we will just wrap it up and throw it away at the next gas station. Well as my luck would have it nothing ever could be that easy. My two year old then decides it's her turn to blow chunks because her brothers made her gag. I managed to catch most of hers in her favorite blanket. By this time my son and daughter are both crying and my husband is pissed at me because I can't read a map correctly and we are freezing because we have every window rolled down because of the smell. My other daughter who is 6 slept through the entire ordeal. Finally we pull into the parking lot of our Hotel and I feel this sense of relief we made it. Then all of a sudden my quiet daughter starts to puke and she just does not do it once oh no she does it four times and instead of doing it on her blanket she does it all over the back seat all over herself, her back pack, everything. Then from her getting sick my two year starts gagging all over again. Apart of me wanted to laugh, cry and scream. Only us I swear. I had to walk my daughter through the lobby with puke all down her clothes and then if that is not bad enough we enter the elevator very quickly but not quick enough because two others jump on to, talk about feeling embarrassed the puke smell was terrible. They just starred. I'm glad to report that all the kids are swimming in the pool as I type this and are feeling much better. Who knows whats in store for the way home. Stay tuned!!!!


Lee said...

lol...I know I shouldn't laugh, Shelly but that's like a scene out of a Steve Martin movie! ;)

Oh! Dear! You might have to get yourself some motion-sickness pills for the three kids...they'll make them drowsy, but they might make it an easier trip home for you. I still get motion sickness if I sit in the rear seat of cars. It's a terrible thing.

I hope all settles down for you...and for the kiddies tummies. Enjoy your weekend and worry about the return trip homewards when it comes! Don't forget those pills!

Becky said...

I am so sorry! I have two little ones so I know the feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry!Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

oh my that is terrible. You poor lady.

Oh and my kids call my mom Nana too!