Monday, March 26, 2007

My Life/ Home At Last!!

Well we made it home without anyone getting sick. Thank goodness for that! It took forever to get home though and the weather was so nice Saturday and Sunday. It had rained a lot Saturday morning in Chicago but by the afternoon it was just beautiful. Yesterday it was even better temps reached over 70 degree's. I can't wait to go back I would like to take the kids to the Sears Tower we just did not have the time with everyone being sick. I love to travel it's the coming home part that gets me. The unpacking and all the laundry, and especially when you have to go back to work the next day. I used to get homesick as a child when I went on family vacations which probably makes no sense because I was with my family but I really missed home and I would have bad anxiety attacks. But over the years and especially since I have had kids I love going new places with them. I think it's because I want them to see and do everything.


Nicholas Polimenakos said...

I don't know how to join your directory?

Lee said...

Glad to see you all got home safe and sound and sick-free trip along the way back. :)