Monday, May 28, 2007

My Life/ Memorial Day

Dearest Todd, A year ago if you would have asked me what Memorial Day meant to me I would have had not much to say. Not that I didn't care or I didn't understand the meaning, it's just that I had never given it much thought. It's been almost 2 months since your death and I still have trouble believing that this is real. How can such a young healthy guy full of life really be gone? I'm still sad, angry and in great disbelief. I look at your wife and daughter and think how can this really be true. The best times were yet to come for you. Emma looks just like you, every day I see you more and more. It saddens me to think that she will never remember your touch or smell. She will never experience that special daddy daughter bond that my girls have with John. My sister will always wonder what might have been. When I think of all these things I feel so much anger, but then I must tell myself that there really is a God and that everything happens for a reason. For that reason your calling came early. I do believe that you are watching over your wife and daughter and will always be a huge part of their lives. You've changed mine forever, yes you Todd the last person I would have dreamed of. You did what so many are to scared to do. You put yourself in harms way for our Country and for all the families that live in it. You have touched many in ways unexplainable. Strangers felt the need to reach out to our family after your death it made me see that there are many caring people in this sometimes terrible world. My promise to you Todd is that John and I will always look after your precious girls. We will continue to love and support them and will always be there through the good and bad day's. Every day for the rest of my life I will think of you and your sacrifice. You meant something to each member of our family. We are very proud that you were a part of our family. We will forever miss and love you.


Katie McKenna said...

Tis a beautiful tribute... despite the difficulties experienced, the heartache, the tears.. in the end.. being thankful for their gift...makes us more, and through us, they continue to vibrate.

Lee said...

This is beautiful, Shelly. You should have someone write it out in calligraphy for you on special paper and have it framed.