Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Life/ Memorial day weekend.

We had a cook out at my Moms house today and it rained, I was so disappointed. We still had a good time indoors. My sister wanted me to say a prayer and have a moment if silence in honor of Todd and the other fallen Soldiers and the ones still over in Iraq and it completely slipped my mind. I feel terrible I am going to try to do it tomorrow and my nephews first birthday party. I just feel kinda nervous speaking in front of a lot of people. We visited the grave site today and it still gives me goose bumps. He still does not have his head stone yet, not that I am in any hurry to read his name on it but I feel he should be known. We also took my niece to get her ears pierced, which she looks too cute in. She is 8 months old and and my Sister made me hold her so that I was the bad guy. She screamed only for about 30 seconds. Then she forgot all about them. I always had my girls ears done when they were about 8 months old too that way they don't realize they are there and they don't mess with them.


Lee said...

Your niece is a little sweetie, Shelly. Give her a cuddle for me next time you're with her. :)