Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Life/ Tuesday

I over slept today. I still can't believe it, I never over sleep. I woke up at 7:23 and my son gets on the bus at 7:45. I was freaking out. My sister was bringing my niece over at 8 am and my first kid comes at 8:25 so I had to move quickly. I have a system in the morning and getting up late did not help things. I had to give both girls a bath this morning to, usually I do it at night but I was just to tired last night. My son had a baseball game and it was so cold and it rained on and off. It amazes me how the weather can be 90 degree's one day and only 50 the next. My son's last day of school is Thursday and my daughter's last day of school is Wednesday. I am going to her reading party today for her class. She is so excited that I can make it. It is so hard to make it to everything when you do Day care. That is probably the hardest thing I struggle with. I wish I could be more involved in each of their classrooms. I feel so jealous of other Moms who do not have to work and are able to help in the class on a weekly basis. I know that I should not feel jealous but there are times when I can't help how I feel. If I did not work I know I would go crazy not doing anything but there are times when it looks real tempting. For now I will just enjoy the moments I do get to attend their classes. My day's will be plenty busy when schools out. I am going to have alot more kids around here.


Lee said...

You obviously need the sleep, Shelly.

You must make sure you get some rest otherwise you will end up collapsing! Somehow, sometime soon you should have someone take your kiddies off your hands for a couple of days and you spend those couple of days sleeping. Have a talk with your doctor, I'm sure that he/she will agree with what I'm suggesting.