Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Life/ Very Busy Week.

We have such a busy week ahead. I have lot's of Daycare kids almost everyday. We have a baseball game Monday night. Which by the way we won our first game and lost our second, but all the kids seem to have a good time. My girlfriend is having her baby Wednesday so I have to bring her little guy up to the hospital to meet his new sibling, which I am very excited for. I have to start packing for our trip to Texas, fit in a baseball practice and find time to have a small birthday party for my daughter Hailey. She will turn 3 on the day we leave for Texas. I don't even have a gift for her yet. I feel terrible I have been so pre occupied with everything else. I think I will try to squeeze that in friday night sometime. We still have not decided if we are leaving early Saturday morning or after my son's baseball game. I want to leave early but the team really needs Tyler because he is one of the main pitchers. We will also be getting our rental Friday so we will have to pack everything up on Friday night. I feel an anxiety attack coming on just thinking about it. On Yahoo today 8 more American Soldier killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb. Reading that made my stomach turn. I can't escape it. What those families are going through right now just hurts to much to think about. I want to reach out to them, tell them I know what you are going through. I think just knowing that I am going to Texas and I will finally be able to see where he lived and meet his friends makes me feel anxious. I want to go but I am so nervous because it hurts so much thinking that he is never coming back. I guess that is a reality that I am just going to have to get used to.


Lee said...

You will find that the trip to Texas will be good for you, Shelly...I bet I'm right. :)

So, our little Missy is turning 3! Just think...the "terrible twos" will be behind you! ;) Let's home she doesn't have the "tumultuous threes"! lol Does she like dolls? Dolls are always a good present...dolls and books...they were for me when I was little, anyway....perhaps a brush, comb and mirror set for her, would be a nice idea.