Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Life/ Wednesday

Three more day's until we leave for Texas. My sister received Todd's things from Iraq yesterday, so it was kinda a hard day for everyone. He had so much stuff, I could not believe everything he kept over there. It was really hard looking at the pictures he had of my Sister and Emma. He had tons of tuna fish which really surprised me I did not even know he liked tuna fish and tons of chewing gum. I wish he would have kept a journal but that was not his style, but I was still hoping. It made it so much real once again. It kinda hits you like a ton of bricks all over again. I still think about him so much. He was such a private person so I have been learning so much more from others about him. For instance he listened to others problems and often helped them through tough times. He was always such a smart ass, I really can't imagine him being so serious. On a much lighter note my girlfriend had her baby today. I am very happy to report that Mom and baby are doing really good. She had a baby boy, 7lbs 1oz he looks a lot like her older son. I only wish her marriage was better. Her husband is still very much determined that he wants a divorce. I thought things would change but they have not. I really worry about her now. It is going to be so hard taking care of 2 kids without a husband being home at night. But I guess what's meant to be will be whether we want it to or not.


Lee said...

Hi Shelly...I guess you've started your packing...I can't even begin to imagine what that all entails with three children to pack for...and a husband! ;)

Glad to hear your friend had her baby and all is well in that department. Sad that they are considering divorce though...but as you say, if it's meant to be, so be it. A happy home is better than one lived in stressful situations. It is sad though.

I hope we hear from you before you leave for Texas...if not have a safe trip. Tell your older daughter to take her journal along with her and for her to write in it each day telling of her trip there and back and her time in Texas. It will be good for her. :)

Katie McKenna said...

Sometimes being a single parent IS the best gift for the children. I made it through... and my daughters say that they had a great childhood. They are also amazed at how I managed now that they have children. Love finds the way.