Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Life/ Long drive home!!

Well my week in Texas is over. We left at 5am this morning. We went a bit out of our way today to go to Graceland. I have always wanted to go there and we never travel through that part of Tennessee, so on spur of the moment we just did it. I am so glad we did. It was so cool to see where Elvis once lived. We are staying in Missouri tonight and should be home tomorrow evening sometime. The kids have been such good travelers even my Hailey. She had a melt down only a few times today. We had such a fun time in Texas. I really was not ready to leave. My Sister showed us all the places her and Todd hung out at. We went all over on base which was awesome. She took us to where he used to work. We all felt so close to him. I pictured him doing all the things we were doing. We saw where he used to ride his motor cycle. We took the kids to six flags which we all had some much needed fun. In the back of my mind I must admit I often thought of Todd, wishing that we could have gone with him. We traveled to San Antonio one day and seen the Alamo and walked the River Walk. I loved it there. It was the best part of Texas. Todd's memorial service took place on Thursday. It was very nice. Ten soldiers were remembered that day. They were the 10 that died from Fort Hood in the month of April. It was hard seeing all those other families in such despair. My Sister said that she feels a bit of closure now. They did one final roll call, that's where they call out the soldiers name and wait for them to respond they do this 3 times and obviously no one responds and that is very hard to hear. The Silence I think really makes you realize that they are really gone. In a way you finally accept the fact. I am so glad we went. I had never been to a military base before and it was so awesome, they have their own little word. I really got a taste of my Sister's life. Everyone was so friendly. I just could not believe it. Even the Texas Trooper that pulled my husband over for speeding was so friendly.. Don't worry he only got a warning. My poor husband has been in such pain all week due to his teeth and gums. He never takes pain medicine and he has been taking it around the clock. Monday it looks like he will be making a trip to the Dentist. Hopefully he can take the pain until then. My kids are sleeping which I should be doing. I have a long day of driving ahead of me.


Lee said...

Shelly...I'm so pleased your trip has been successful...I'm not sure if that's the correct word to use, but I think you understand what I mean. This trip has been very, very important for all of you.