Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Life/ Back Home

I need a vacation already. I have been busting my butt ever since I walked through the door. My husband found out that he needs his wisdom teeth out. Which I cannot wait for he has been in so much pain and has been so cranky. Our central air system is not working so I have someone coming out this afternoon to look at that. Today it is supposed to be a high of 87. So hopefully it will be an easy fix, but as I am finding out that nothing for us is ever easy. I heard on the news this morning that 7 more U.S troops killed. Wow it is becoming more and more frequent. I just do not understand what is going on over there. They are not being killed by gun fire, but by hand made bombs. While in Texas I met a lady that had gone to visit a friend in the hospital that was hurt in Iraq. He is brain damaged. I guess Two men in Iraq tried to abduct him and took a screw driver and pounded it in his head. Oh my gosh I could not imagine. These types of stories we do not even hear about on the news. I just feel like the world we live in since 9-11 is just so unsettled. I am scared for what the future is going to bring. One thing I really realized by spending time on a military base that most of these soldiers are just boy's. I know these boy's quickly turn into men being in the military but to me they are just babies starting their lives out. I also learned how special these men and women are. It takes a special kind of courage to do what they do and to sacrifice what they do. I can't begin to imagine. My son was in such awe of being there he informed my daughter that when he gets older he wants to join the military. My first response was Hell NO. But I realize he is still very young and it just looks cool to him. I also felt a bit proud because he does understand what these men and women stand for I mean we have lived it first hand and he must have some type of pride to even say that. For that I feel proud but believe me I do not want my son to join the military. If I have my way he will be a doctor or dentist. He and my daughter got military uniforms on base which they both look so adorable in. We are going to have their names sewn on them. Todd would be so proud to see them wearing them.


Lee said...

It is difficult, isn't it, Shelly. Our world did change on 9/11...and it will never be as it was before, unfortunately.

Kids always dream of being something when they grow up, whether it be a fireman, a train driver,nurse, entertainer or whatever takes their fancy at any given time. Let them have their dreams...dreams grow and change with every passing day. :)

Mai said...

Bestest Blog, up and running again, brought me to you. My young son wanted to be a nihang. Unfortunately, he fell prey to the hatred of the world and never had the chance.

Free advice: love and cherish your children with every gram of everything inside yourself.