Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Life/ What women really want/ My Life

That universal age old question What do women really want? If only we came with a owners manual before our husbands married us. Telling them what kind of things make us tick, please us, and make us happy. My owners manual would state: I want a man that is honest, hardworking, loving, responsible, dependable and a man of his word. If you cannot provide this for me then look for someone else. If you can provide this for me you will inturn receive the following: Someone to love you always, when you are well, when you are sick. I will be there. If you loose your job, your dog or whatever I will be there. I will be the best wife and mother to your children that I can possibly be. If only relationships were that simple right? So what do women really want? For me it is just to be loved and to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I want someone to understand my feelings and put them first. Someone to be there on my bad days. I believe this is what most women want.


QueenBitch said...

These men dont exist!!
Nice blog btw!

Kim said...

Thanks for reading my blog - I thought I'd read your too!

I think you nailed this one about what women want. That thought is programmed into almost every woman I know and truly, it is VERY difficult to find that sort of man... they are few and far between - but they're out there and anyone can change.

I'll come back and visit soon!

Tom~The~Alley~Cat said...

Could be thats what ladies want but most of the time those guys just end up being good friends and its not untill later that its noticed that the nice guy had some intrerest. But hey they are out there. Thanks for the B-day wish by the way. :D