Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Life/ The Heros we don't see/ My Life

I watched the special with Bob Woodruff called To Iraq and back. It was so good. I did not know that he was near death or that they believed that if he lived he would never be able to talk or walk again. What a man of great strength, he is doing both. And of course behind every good man lies a very strong women. His wife what courage and compassion she has. I guess I never thought much about the service men and women who are injured over in Iraq. We always hear about the casualties of war, but not ever do we hear about the ones that have suffered serious injury. These families they had on there just touched my heart. We forget because it is so easy to go on with our daily life and not think about what is really happening over there. I mean my sisters husband is serving for his second time in Iraq, and even we tend to forget all that goes on nor will we ever really know all the things these poor soldiers must endure each day. My sisters showed me some pictures of her husbands company stationed over in Iraq today, and in these pictures there were Iraq children playing and looking as happy as can be. And in another there was an American solider shaking hands with an Iraq family. I may not fully agree with this war, but I think we all could see a positive difference American Soldiers are making in Iraq if we choose to. Do I want all of our troops home safely? Yes of course, but I do realize our freedom is not free. To keep this country safe I realize we must clean house other places in that sense. These men and women fight for our freedoms and are truly Hero's in every way.


Lee said...

And our men and women are making a difference over there. It's the media that, for reasons known only to them and their agendas, who don't let us hear about the good that the Forces are doing...they'd rather pander to the those who beat the anti-war drums. Freedom, as you say, doesn't come cheaply. Good post, Shelly.

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