Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Life/ My son is heart broken

My son is 9 and he is a ladies man. He has loved girls since he was a baby. In fact at the age of five when most boys believe that girls have cooties my son was kissed by a girl in my back seat. All the girls just love him. Well before Christmas he and this girl became "boyfriend and girlfriend" Oh my gosh this boy was crazy acting. he could not sleep at night because he could not wait to see her at school. He was pushing her on the swings, giving her piggy back rides, even holding her hand. He even asked me if he could kiss her on the cheek, which of course I said NO. Anyway this love affair only lasted until January then she decided that she did not like him anymore. And instead of just saying we broke up she had to be evil and tell him that she hated him and that he was stupid and all sorts of nasty stuff. Being the sensitive boy that he is, this just devastated him. Certain songs he would hear he would say reminded him of her, Hello 9 years old. Anyway he started not wanting to go to school, he basically lost all of his self confidence. My husband and I tried to make him feel better, but I still can't believe how much this has affected him. He finally started liking a few other girls around Valentines day. I went to his Valentines party and thats when I seen her, the girl who broke his heart. She was this cute very tiny girl that walked around that class room like she was all that. Although my son liked someone else, I still seen it in his eyes how much he still liked her and it was like it almost hurt him being around her. She just blew right by him almost like he did not exist. It broke my heart watching him in such pain. "Did I mention he is only 9 years old." These kids are starting young. At nine I still thought boys had cooties. Still almost 2 months after the break up he still is not the same about school, I hate to see what happens when he is really in love someday and some evil girl breaks his heart. He is just growing up way to fast. I am sooo not ready for this.


Lee said...

Just don't make a big thing of it in his presence, Shelly. Kids go through all different phases in their young lives and get through them as quickly as they entered them. Before you know it, he'll be off on another tangent, where girls won't play a part.

Don't let him over-hear you and your husband discussing it behind his back....just go with the flow. He'll be fine. :)

QueenBitch said...

AWE.... this is such a cute story i hope he feels better soon... geez i didnt have my first real bf till i was 18 lol