Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Life/ It's Only My Opinion/ My Life

I am just an average person working to get by week to week, paycheck to paycheck. I am tired of doing the same old job day in and day out, and feeling like I am going nowhere. Surely not getting ahead, if anything falling more behind in credit card debt. The cost of living seems to go up every time we turn around, but our pay does not. Between gas prices and high heating bills what does one do to stay in the game? Like I said before I am just an average person , making an average living. My opinion doesn't count for much, but what is wrong with this country? Or should I say the leader of our country? It is not his loved ones fighting this war. He's not having any trouble making ends meet, if anything he is making money off this war. What about all of us common average people that are just left behind waiting. I tell my kids, work hard and you can achieve anything. I feel like I am lying to them. Circumstances stop us from achieving our goals. If you are not born into money, You will struggle, that is what I really feel like telling them. The world is not fair. You can graduate from college and still be working at a low paying job.
This war we are fighting, I do not understand. I don't know all the political crap, nor will I pretend to care. All that I do know is that my brother in law is serving in Iraq for the second time, leaving behind his wife and new daughter. FIGHTING FOR EXACTLY WHAT? My neighbor down the street, her brother also second time serving in Iraq. And the stories go on and on. Do we as Americans really have a voice. If I wrote a letter to our president here's a taste of what it might say:

Dear Mr President, You do not speak for all American people. You do not walk in our shoes, work our jobs, pay our bills or tuck our innocent children in bed every night. You do not have to tell grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, and children, that their loved one was killed at war. To me a true leader cares about his people. Not just the ones with power and wealth.

Once again I am just an average person, but my view should count for something. If I can teach my kids anything, I hope to teach them that our voices really do matter. We should be heard, and we can make a difference. Lets not stop fighting for the good. Good will always prevail over evil. Peace


QueenBitch said...

Hey shelly can i link ya??

Lee said...

Your views do count, Shelly...and I guess that is what we are fighting for. It's just very hard to remember that at times, but we would live how we live to fulfill our dreams, feed our kids and instill those dreams and values in them if it wasn't for those who have fought for our rights and freedoms in the past and now in the present. It is hard for us to understand, that I know...but I also know, I value the life we enjoy and hope upon hope it remains so that your children and the children of others...and all children in the world are able to go to bed at night, warm and well-fed.

Don't lose faith in yourself, Shelly...your views count, more than you know. :)

Anonymous said...

"Your views do count, Shelly...and I guess that is what we are fighting for."

I couldn't disagree more. Trying to fabricate something to justify the war in Iraq is just not right. The truth is we aren't there for anything, and that really sucks. Think about what the trillion dollars we've put into this war could have paid for and then think about the 3000+ troops that have died.

Just keep faith in the fact that you can raise your children to be better people and that they'll live during a better time. I never thought i would say that something like a presidential administration could make me depressed, but this administration has succeeded in that respect. The state of the country is just horrid to a degree that is staggering at this point in time.

wesley gant said...
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wesley gant said...

There are times when we have to fight. It's not fun, and it costs money and lives. But in a world where we have enemies that desire the destruction of America, we have no choice but to fight for the freedoms we take for granted. Some people want to accuse the administration of fabricating this whole thing, but that's something you have to decide. But don't assume that the President doesn't care about us, or that he doesn't understand what people go through. He has a job to do, and he can't let emotions run the country. He put the safety of his family on the line by even becoming president, and more so by doing what he knows people disagree with. Put yourself in his shoes before you ask him to do the same.