Friday, February 16, 2007

My Life/ Hiccups/ My Life

I just seen on the news that a Florida teen has had the hiccups for over three weeks. That is unbelievable. She has actually hiccuped 50 times in one minute. Doctors have no clue what to do for her. That would be so annoying, I can't even begin to imagine. Apparently they go away when she sleeps. That is so weird. And I see that the whole Anna Nicole Smith case just keeps getting more strange by the day. Another man claims he is the father of her daughter. Just get it done with, find out who's the baby's father and move on with it. The poor women can't even be released from the medical examiners because everyone is fighting over her body. Her Mom really drives me crazy, she has not spoken to her daughter in forever and yet she feels the need to fight over where she is buried. Let the poor women be next to her son in the Bahamas. Let her rest in peace. These idiots are all coming out for their 15 minutes of fame. Give me a break!!!


Peety said...

I read the same article.. I can not imagine having the hiccups for so long, can you? How does one sleep? lol Thanks for your visit and comment. Wishing you a wonderful week-end.

Lee said...

I think the doctors should give that lass some anti-anxiety medication...I honestly believe anxiety causes hiccups...even if the person concerned doesn't realise he/she is anxious. It's a nervous thing.

As for Anna Nicole's mother...someone should grab some masking tap and slap it across her mouth! Stupid woman!

Andrea said...

No matter how strange Anna Nicole was when she was alive, she deserves to rest in peace now and it's terrible how these people are acting. Now she is dead and everyone with a grudge against her wants to capitalize. It's all just ridiculous.

scot said...

There is a part of Agustin Bourough's (of "Running With Scissors) book "Dry" where his frined with AIDS got non-stop hicoughs. Didn't know what to do with him either.

As for Anna, I stopped paying attention. I did love her fridge contents thouhg: slim-fast and speed. No wonder she lost the weight!