Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Life/ Still obsessed over the whole Anna Nicole Smith story/ My Life

I can't stop watching court TV, I feel like such a nerd. I am still so obsessed over the Anna Nicole Smith story. Howard K Stern along with Vergie Arthur (Anna's mother) and Larry Birkhead all took the stand. The whole thing is such a mess. It really makes you think about death and the purpose of a will. If she would have had a more up to date Will, half this stuff would not even be an issue. It must be my obsessive compulsive, disorder coming out as to why I can't stop thinking about this case. The whole thing bothers me, and I'm sure not sure why. As I am writing this tonight, I am listening to the television talking about the case. I guess my biggest issue is, why is it so hard to let the women rest in peace. To most it is obvious to let her be buried next to her son. Regardless as to who the baby's daddy is, or if she was on drugs. Bottom line let her be near her son. If this idiot judge rules in the mothers favor, which will not shock me, I will be so pissed. This judge is such a jerk, he is carrying this thing out just for the publicity I swear. I guess this poor women even in death is being used. I just don't get it.


Lee said...

Did you see the judge's final performance? Wow! He even "broke down", choked up...what an actor! Is he nominated in this year's Oscars? ;)