Thursday, February 1, 2007

My Life/ Caution at the Gas Pump/ My Life

The gas station explosion in West Virginia has really got me thinking about safety at gas stations. When I get gas I think nothing of getting out putting the nozzle in the tank and jumping back into my car with my kids. I did not realize how dangerous this could be. When you get out to pump your gas you should touch your door or the roof of your car before touching the gas pump. This will get rid of any of the static electricity that you may have. Static electricity can ignite gasoline vapors and trigger a fire. Stay outside when you are refuelling. Never get back in your car for anything, any contact with the cars interior carpet can give you static electricity. I also learned that 78% of these these fires happen to women, because we are more likely to get back in the car, especially in the winter months. Another thing if you have paseengers in your car when you are pumping your gas, you should have them remove their seat belts, so in case there is a fire they can escape easier. I always have my children with me and I never unbuckle them, my 2 year old is still in a car seat. I never ever thought about any of these things. The guilt I feel right now, I can't explain. I don't think I will ever even bring them with me to pump gas again.