Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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I was watching Larry King last night. The wife that was accused of poisoning her husband, was found guilty. They had her lawyer on there. I just heard about this case about a week or so ago. I guess this happened a while ago. This wife and mother of four (I believe) was accused of poisoning her husband and he ended up dying. I guess what made her look so guilty to the jury was that in the weeks followong his death, she collected insurance money. With that money she got a boob job a month after his passing. She had sex with another couple, and three other men in the military. Does that make her a killer? Well I am not sure, but the jury must believe so. These kind of stories are so interesting to me, because if in fact she really did "do it" what makes a person cross that line? Money? The sad thing is if she really is innocent, she's going away for a long time. The poor kids they lost their Dad, and now their Mom. This world we live in, sometime I just wonder.


Rachel said...

Hi Shelly, Thanks for commenting on my blog!

I have not heard about this case but then I don't watch the news since it's too depressing for me!
That case is sad either way.

oni said...

Hi Shelly, thanks for stopping by my food blog & for leaving a comment :).