Monday, January 7, 2008

My Life/ Thankful...

I am so thankful Mackenzie's levels are normal. It is all I thought about all day and finally around 2pm I called and I was so darn happy I could have cried. After Mackenzie and I left the lab this morning we went to Meijer's so that she could pick out something for having to get her blood drawn again. She did a great job and was very brave, this time she sat on my lap and had it down, Daddy even came for support. No tears she was such a big girl. When we left Meijer's she asked are you going to pray for me? I said that I already had been praying and that we could pray together if she wanted. So there in the parking lot I stop and we prayed. A ton lifted off me I still felt worried but I put it into God's hands, after all it is beyond any of our control. When she came home from school today I told her the good news, she just smiled her little loving grin. About an hour or so later she came to me and said I guess God Listened to us. I said he sure did.. For being 7 and not really attending church this little girl is quite amazing. I got so lucky. So tonight I will relax and just be thankful, I will take it while I can get it because tomorrow is another day.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO happy for you guys Kenzie's levels are all good! Unfortunately, you didn't get the "relaxing" evening you had hoped for - but at least we are all safe! I'm so proud of you for stopping right then and there in the parking lot and praying with Kenzie! What an AMAZING mom you are Shelly!!! Love ya girl!!

Katie McKenna said...

Wonderful news!