Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Life/ Big Day Tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the day Kenzie is dreading, she has to have her blood taken again to check her potassium level. We are praying that it has gone up otherwise the poor girl is going to need further testing. I have been trying not to think about it all weekend but it is hard not to I just want her to get better. Poor Tyler still feels like crap he can't eat because it still feels like things are getting stuck. We took the kids out to Red Lobster last night and He could not even eat his applesauce. I guess I will be calling the doctor about him tomorrow if it does not magically get better tonight. I signed up for MySpace today and Facebook, everyone has been asking us to join so I finally did. MySpace is actually pretty easy to figure out. I am keeping my blog though because I have put alot of time and effort into this thing and it is something that I really enjoy and I believe it has really helped me cope with all the stuff I have had to endure this past year. The way that this year is going things really don't look to promising. My Mother in Law called me this morning she had been in the ER with our Grandma. She has not been feeling well so she is another that I will be praying for tonight. My sister is finally feeling better I had not seen her in like 3 days because she has been running a fever and today she came over and we went tanning together. She leaves for Texas soon, so I got to squeeze in my Emma time because I am going to miss them.


jennschultz said...

Wishing you better luck today with the bloodwork. Because our house is 100+ yrs old, the kids have to have their lead levels checked every year and it is HORRIBLE!Thank God its always ok, but we just are extra careful. I hope her results are better this time around. And Strep is the worst. I Hope Tyler's antibiotics start kicking in soon.
Glad you're keeping your blog! I just can't get into the whole MYspace thing. Blogs are more "real", does that make sense?
And it is a great way to organize thoughts and feelings. Very theraputic!