Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Life/ So much for Relaxing

So last night did not turn out as planned but when does it really? I take a shower and get into my PJ's and my youngest sister called to inform us that we were under a tornado warning. Are you kidding me in January a tornado warning. Anyway I did not know that we were under a warning because John and Ty were playing a game on the TV, so I called Lea and told her which she knew nothing about either and asked her if we could join them in their basement. So here we are at 7 pm at night heading next door in our PJ's in a thunderstorm, how crazy I know. It turned out good though, Lukas said to me this morning remember when you came to my house, which I thought was cute that he even thought about that this morning. I'm posting some pictures of the kids, one is of Isaac he and Hailey got into my pans and bowls and he put the doll in the bowl and the bowl on top of his head. It reminded me of people from other countries carrying stuff on their head. Crazy Children...


Anonymous said...

So I guess we consider that a pajama party?? ~HA! I know - we're all nuts - right?? HA HA!! It was kinda fun though and at least the kids got to play.
Love ya!

Katie McKenna said...

so cute! Thanks for the smile!

Kristin said...

It is never a dull moment around your house, is it? I think you got out all of the bad in the first week, but the crazy is here to stay!!! Especially with those TenBrink children!!!