Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Life/ Not off to a good start!!!

Well so far 2008 has not been so great. I took Mackenzie to the doctor today because she said her heart keeps pounding (her words). Anyway all last night I could hardly sleep I kept thinking what if something is wrong with her heart, I tend to always think the worst out of habit. So I take her today and the doctor checks her out and said her heart sounds fine but gave her an EKG anyway which made me happy. Poor Mackenzie she had to lay there still with her shirt off with all these wires hooked up to her she looked so scared I told her that it would not hurt but she was still so unsure she was holding her breath. The EKG came back normal but with a few extra heart beats which the doctor said could be caused by caffeine. Which makes sense because she drinks mostly chocolate milk and she has had alot of pop around the holidays. She said to cut out all caffeine and see what that does and it was my choice if I wanted to have blood work done. I decided to get the blood work because I just wanted to make sure. I take her to the lab and they couldn't get anything out the first try, they are moving all around and Mackenzie is watching I keep telling her not to watch I was starting to feel dizzy from it. They decide to take it out and try the other arm. Mackenzie then Say's that she does not feel, well she is as white as a ghost. The nurse is trying to get her up to get to a chair and she just starts to fall her eyes are so big it really scared the life out of me. She said Mom I can't see you, I'm thinking what the hell is she going blind. Finally they lay her on a bed and elevate her legs and get a cold wash cloth she drifts in and out for a moment and then seems fine. They were able to get it from the other arm thankfully. So after all that drama I head home. I still worried about her at this point but I thought if I just cut out the caffeine she should be fine. Well that's what I get for assuming. The nurse calls me this afternoon to tell me that her potassium level is low. Okay so what do I do? The nurse said to give her more foods with potassium and they would retest it on Monday or Tuesday and that was probably making her heart beat fast. So I get off the phone and instantly start to worry that she must have an underlying problem that is making her potassium low. I call my husband crying he tells me that I am crazy and it is probably from not eating right. So all tonight I have been worrying if they are going to find something else wrong and dreading if they are going to call again tomorrow with more bad news. So John is working a double tonight and the plan was that I was going to go to meijers and buy healthy things for Kenzie. That's when things get crazy. Tyler has been complaining that he has a strange feeling in his throat when he eats, I have been telling him he's crazy, well tonight he started crying after Meijers so I finally took a peak in his mouth. Talk about feeling like a terrible Mom, his tonsils were so big I knew something was wrong. I call John because I was going to meet him for dinner after Meijers and said I was taking Ty to ER. I get to ER and decide to have Kenzie checked for a bladder infection because she had going pee alot today. We get to ER and we are all grumpy, we are tired and hungry and I am on the verge of tears. We were there for 2 hours and Ty ended up having strep throat and Kenzie was fine. So we finally eat dinner sometime after eight and rush home for baths and bed time. Now they are sleeping and I can't. I am just so worried about my girl. Honestly why did I ever expect 2008 to be calmer I mean this is my life we are talking about.... I guess all I can do is pray and wait.


Katie McKenna said...

life gets crazy at times that's for sure! I hope everyone's getting better!