Friday, January 11, 2008

My Life/ A Day Without Power...

Just another exciting day around here. We got a snow storm last night that knocked out power in are area. Well I thought we got lucky because for once we did not lose ours. As always I spoke to soon right before lunch we lost ours. The kids were freaking out because they thought for sure it was going to thunder and lightning because usually when you lose power it's from a thunder storm. So I had to assure them that there was no storm. We made the best of it but it got Little cold in here by 4pm. My Sister Katie & her son were here all day, so we played games with the kids and tried to keep them entertained as much as possible. Finally at almost five we got it back on, they were clapping and jumping around it's amazing how we need all the electrical devices to keep us happy. My sister Steph left with her daughter Emma this morning for Texas. I think she is crazy, but she feels like this is something she really needs to do. All the guys from Todd's company are returning home from Iraq this weekend. I am happy for all of them and their families, but I am sad because Todd should be coming home with them. Alot of the guys have been emailing her because they want her there because they never got to pay their respects. I can only imagine how hard this is going to be on her, I tried very hard to talk her out of it but she is one determined women. So I will just pray that her and Emma make it there and back home safely. I think that Todd was the only one from his group that won't be returning. He was killed with others that were not from his group. There must be a reason I keep telling myself it's the only way I cope.
All these guys are going to meet what Todd had to leave behind. Emma will be meeting men who knew her Daddy better than she ever will. It just does not seem fair. Just wait till they all see her and how much she looks like Todd. I miss them already but they will be back in a week I just have to keep telling myself that.


Anonymous said...

It just amazes me what a strong person Steph is. I'm sure it will be very hard for her to be there when all them guys come home knowing that Todd should be one of them...but it sounds like she feels she has too. Maybe it's what she needs to give herself more closure or maybe she knows it's what Todd would want? I have not & will not forget the ultimate sacrifice Todd made for our country. Steph and Emma are in my thoughts and prayers. Please tell her I am thinking of her...