Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Life/ Back to normal...

We ended up getting that nasty stomach bug that seems to be going around. My Sister and Emma had it in Texas and brought it home to us. It went down the line, first hitting Junior, then Lukas, I thought we were in the clear by Monday but thats what I get for thinking. Monday night Mackenzie was first to get it and within a matter of hours we all ended up having it, which was very rare for us all to come down with it around the same time. I even threw up for the first time in years, which really scared the heck out of Tyler he had never seen his Mom so sick. As he said Mom's should not get sick because they have to take care of everyone else. Poor John he had to clean up after the kids because I was just to sick to do anything. It was the longest night. Finally today I have some energy. I felt really bad because we had dinner at my mother in laws Sunday night and I guess we must have passed it to them because everyone that was in the house came down with it all within a day of each other. Sorry everyone, I bet you will think twice before inviting all of us over for dinner!!! At least it's done with and I don't have to worry about getting it. I guess all the washing and sanitizing did not make a bit of difference.... So life is pretty much back to normal, I kept the kids home for one more day, just to be sure. Now that things have calmed down, I'm sure there will be more Drama our way, there always is....


Katie McKenna said...

ohhh that's a nasty bug alright! I hope everyone is feeling better!

jennschultz said...

Yuck...that was a bad one. It amazes me these nasty bugs going around. Hoping your drama stays away for a while or just takes a hike!

Anonymous said...

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