Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Life/ What is wrong with these people?

I just can't understand what pushes someone to murder especially if that person was a complete stranger. I heard on the news this morning that the 18 year old Kansas City girl was found murdered after she was seen on a surveillance camera Saturday night being pushed into a car outside of Target. Under arrest is a 26 year old man. What the hell, I just don't get it. Such a young life and this scum bag comes along and takes not only her life but hurts all the people that knew and loved her not to mention his family. What makes a person do such a thing. Her poor parents I can only imagine what they must be feeling. That's like your worst fear as a parent. First to find that your child is missing and then to find that she was murdered. It haunts my mind just thinking about it. What that poor girl must have gone through. Certain things I guess I will just never understand. If this man is guilty I hope he will get what's coming to him, even though nothing will ever bring her back. He obviously needs help. So sad to see so much of this on the news. It reminds me of the Natalie Halloway case that has never been solved or the poor girls body has never been found. What her poor mother must endure each day with no closure or justice. It's so sad, she has such great courage to face every new day, I can't say that I could. To lose a child would have to be the worst thing to ever have happen. My thoughts and prayers are with all these families on a day like today.


Katie McKenna said...

This is a sad time not only in this case but our Society. Losing anyone is never easy... but sometimes a death can make sense ( old age, ill health..). This death was not the point. It was always my biggest fear... to lose a child... Sometimes I wonder if this spiral I see Society in will ever revert back.. or simply continue to grow out of control...

Lee said...

It beats me, too, Shelly. I just don't and will never understand the mindset of such perpetrators of evil.