Monday, June 11, 2007

My Life/ Todd's Birthday

Today is Todd's Birthday and he would have been 25 years old. We had a celebration for him over the weekend. We did all the things he loved to do. We shot pool which was very interesting because it was my first time and I was terrible, but we still had fun and the we went bowling and that was fun to then we had a party after that. Sunday we went gambling which was fun we lost all our money but it was still really fun. I love that feeling that you get when your actually wonder what would I do if I won the jack pot. I sit and day dream about how I would spend all the money. But then reality sets in and you realize that your chances are so slim and that you are going to have to go back yo work the next day. Tonight we are having cake on Todd's behalf. It might seem crazy that we are doing all these things and he is not even here but it's something you cannot explain until you go through what we have all gone through. We can't just not do anything. So Happy Birthday Sgt. Todd A. Singleton. We love and miss you.


Lee said...

I think it's wonderful you celebrated Todd's life and your parts in it, Shelly. Good on you! :)

I'm hopeless at pool too...many a time I've hit the ball that hard it's landed on another table! Either that or I don't hit it at all! I'm the same with tennis...absolutely hopeless! ;)

Katie McKenna said...

That's really sweet. And a lovely way to celebrate the gift of Todd.

I love to shoot pool. Sometimes I'm even dazzling good! :)