Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Life/ Fathers Day!

We had a very peaceful Father's Day. We went to Yogi Bear's campground just for the day and took the kid's swimming and then took my husband out for dinner and came home and got a lot of much needed yard work done. It amazes me how close my children are to their Dad. I never had that bond with my Dad growing up and it shows to this day that we are not close. My kids have so much with John. I was sitting in a chair beside the pool today resting my eye's listening to them play in the water. The fun they were having. They have a totally different relationship with him than they do with me. I am so thankful that they all have each other. I used to dream of having a Dad like John so I am glad that I married one so that my kids never have to feel that void. I was always so scared of my Dad as a child I never remember having much fun with him. He was always such a serious guy. Now he is totally different but we are still not close. My husband said the sweetest thing to me today as we were watching our three kid's play on the playground. He said that there is not a day that goes by that I do not take them for granted, I feel so lucky to have each one of them. Now that's a Daddy speaking. My heart melted. I guess the saying really is true "Any one can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy. Happy Father's Day John. Thanks for being an awesome Daddy to our three kids and for being such an important man in our niece and nephews lives. We all appreciate you.


Lee said...

A wonderful, loving post, Shelly.

Happy Father's Day, Mr. Shelly! :)

suraya said...

hai shelly,
what a lovely father's day! I have
read your comment on my blog and I really appreciated when you want to put my blog on
my blog:

really happy to know you!

Katie McKenna said...

That's really sweet Shelly - and all that we can hope for ( to give our children more of what is truly important - love ).