Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Life/ Great weekend.

We had a great weekend. My 6 year old daughter Mackenzie learned to jump off the diving board and swim to the latter all by herself. She was so proud of herself. She took swimming lessons last year but still was not comfortable to swim in the deep end but yesterday we were at a pool party and she finally started swimming it was great. My three year old was a different story she had to do things her own way. She had a few melt downs at the party which of course was not unusual for her. Today we took the kids to Silver Lake State park which they really had fun riding their bikes and swimming. I love the summer. When we move I would love to live somewhere it is warm all year round. Sunshine makes us all very happy.


Lee said...

Great news about the swimming,'s so great for kids. :)

Katie McKenna said...

I nominated you for a Rocking Blogger on my blog. I'm not sure where you'd put the button though..

Definitely nice having a pool if you are down South... makes the Summers Kayli ( 9 years old ) practiced her canoing techniques in the pool last week. That was amusing.

Always a joy to see the pleasure on the kids' faces when they are learning to do something new. :)

PandasJr said...

Last summer I couldn't get Will into the water, and now he's a fish. Of course, now I can't get Andrew in the water, maybe next year he'll turn into a fish!!

citygirl said...

My FI-ance made me start swimming again last summer after 21 years away from pools. Your kids are now much better swimmers than me!