Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some People

So this afternoon I am going with my sister Steph to the courthouse for mediation between her and Todd's mother. As most of you already know my sister was served with court papers last week, stating that Donna wants visitation with Emma. Stephanie has NO problem letting Donna see Emma, she does have a problem leaving her there. Stephanie has made it very clear to Donna, that she could see Emma whenever, either she would bring her over there or she could come visit her over my house. That is not good enough since Donna wants no part of my sister. I guess I am just not understanding this whole thing. She has never shown any interest in Emma before, even before Todd's death Steph was the one that always called her and asked to come over to visit. Many times Steph would call and leave messages and Donna would not return her calls. She did not show up for Emma's birthday, no card, nothing. Now all of a sudden it is her right to a little girl who by the way has no idea who the heck she is. I have a huge problem with that. I am just praying that the court system will see this from a logical stand point. No mother should be told who they must leave their child with. Donna would have not liked it if someone told her that she must leave her child with someone. Yes I understand that her son was killed in Iraq, but that was my sister's husband also, she is not the only one struggling. It seems to me if I were in her shoes and really cared about my grand daughter I would do whatever I had to do, she needs to make an effort and show Steph that she wants to be a grandma, not just demand her rights. I have such strong feelings on this not only because I want whats best for Emma, but I believe that when you have kids you have that responsibility of protecting them. I had kids to care for them myself, it is my choice on who I leave them with. My sister and Todd did not get a divorce, he was killed, she had no choice in the matter. She did not have a child with Todd to share with Donna. I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose a child, but if I were ever in Donna's position, I would still consider my daughter in law my family, I would not say well I only want to see my grand child. Thats basically what she has said to Steph. I am just praying that all goes well today... Wish us Luck...