Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

School starts next week and honestly I can't believe how fast summer just flew right by. I am starting to have anxiety over my kids going back. I know it is good for them and I deserve the break but I really only feel relaxed when they are at home with me. You would think I would be used to this, after all Tyler is going into the fifth grade, but each year it feels harder and harder to let go. This will be Tyler's last year at Ealy and Mackenzie's last year at Shoreline, and my baby Hailey's first year at Shoreline. Thats right all three of my kids will be in school starting on Tuesday. I have never not had another baby at home since Tyler first started school. It is so crazy. The hardest part for me is going to be putting Hailey on the bus. She has hardly ever been away from me and I am just supposed to stick her on the bus. There will be many tears that morning from me. I have to put my trust in the aids that they will get her off the bus and take her to her class, that is very hard for me. The way home I am not so worried because I know that I will be getting her off the bus and she will be riding with Alli, Isaac and Abby, but making it through that first day, I'm just not sure I'll make it. It is the strangest feeling when I think about having all three in school. It seems like yesterday I was putting Tyler on the bus for the very first time. I thought it was supposed to get easier the older they got, but it really does not because I still worry about the older ones, making new friends, fitting in and hoping that they really enjoy school. I'm guessing that Monday night will be a pretty restless night for many of us Mom's.


PabloySanty said...

That´s a very wonderfull article. I ´m from Spain. Shelly is the most beautifull girl of the world.

Good luck¡

Theresa said...

I am already restless and not ready for my kids to go back to school...and we have 5 days (at least that is what Sam's teacher said at the open house last night!) I cannot believe it 5 days! 3 of my 4 will be in school all day this year. I still have another year with Ben before he starts Pre-school. But I am really dreading putting him in and that is a whole year away!

You are right, Shelly, you are SO NOT ALONE!!!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

You are so right Shelly, it is so hard to put your trust in someone else when it comes to our children. And it really dosnt get easier the older they get I'm realizing. Every school year it seems like there is something else different or new. I'll be there with ya on that first day and you know for a fact that Kenzie and Kendall (aka the mother hens) will be there to help her out and make sure she finds her way.