Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Attention All Moms

The meeting between my sister and Todd's Mom did not go as well as hoped. My sister described it as feeling as if she was attacked by Donna and the mediator. She basically said that Donna got to state her case and every time she tried to say something she was interrupted. The mediator is supposed to be somewhere in the middle and basically sided with Donna and was not even interested in Steph's reasons. So it looks like it will go to court. This whole thing is so stupid to me. It is really bothersome to me to think that a judge will have the final say as to who my sister allows to leave her child with. I guess all us Moms should be warned that at any time a grand parent can sue you and force you to have to let them spend time alone with YOUR child. Parents should have the final say. Don't get me wrong, Donna should be a part of Emma's life, but it should be under my sisters terms, no judge should make that final call. I believe that the mediator should listen to both sides and then make a recommendation, but honestly to me it is so stupid that it has even gotten this far, Stephanie is Emma's mother, she decides whats best for her daughter. I am just going to continue to pray for a miracle and some how this can get resolved before it gets nasty at least for Emma's sake.


Mandy said...

wow, this is so unbelievable. I cannot believe that the situation has come to this! I feel so bad for your sister,and I hope and pray everything works out for the best for her and Emma!

jennifer said...

Dont let Steph give up!(I am guessing thats not really in her nature anyway) I really dont understand the system, I mean how far does it go? Can aunts and uncles sure for rights for their nieces or nephews? Its all just crazy. I am praying for a resonable judge to see the true nature of this situation. No mother should EVER have to leave their child with someone who is virtually a stranger,and obviously has questionable character and morals. It makes me sick, I cannot even imagine what this is doing to you. Hang in there.