Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I need a Vacation...

The count down is on for Florida. We are leaving Thursday night, I can't believe that it is already here. It could not come at a more perfect time. These last few days have been so darn stressful.. Most of it is because of the vacation. John is the head baseball coach so we have to have everything in order for the team while we are gone. I spent a good portion of the day searching for baseball uniforms only to come up 2 short. I called to see if I could order some more but was informed that there was no money in the baseball budget for some new shirts. So becoming more and more pissed by the minute I searched Johns closet and my closet in and out, finding nothing. The kids are fighting, Johns irritated because I'm flipping out, it was not a good night. Finally after calling a few players we figured out that two of last years players never turned theirs in. Mackenzie had her first Soccer practice and she will miss 2 games on the count of this trip, so I really hope we have fun.. I have something else I would like to share that is really bothering me but I am not sure how to talk about it because certain people may be offended, but I really need to vent... My sister is having a very difficult time with her mother in law right now. Ever since Todd's death they have not spoken as much. At first Steph tried to call her at least once a month and try to make plans to see her. She invited her to Emma's first birthday and she never showed, called or sent a card or anything for that matter. Steph last seen her on Thanksgiving were she was not so nice to her. At Christmas time Steph sent her a Card and a gift and never heard anything from her. Now Steph has been struggling with this for a few months on if she should keep calling or not. Well needless to say Steph has not called and her mother in law finally called her the other day and was pissed. She wants to see Emma, and Steph said thats fine, she even offered to stop by that day, but was told that if she stopped things would be ugly. She also informed her that she only wants to see Emma not Stephanie. She wants Steph to drop Emma off. Which My sister has a real problem with. She wants his Mom to be a part of Emma's life and spend time with her but she does not feel comfortable just dropping her off. I mean Emma would cry because she would not even know who she is. Steph told her that she did not think that was going to work and his Mom got all upset and screamed that she had a lawyer and she has Grandparents rights and that my sister would need to get a lawyer. I can't believe that she is willing to go this far with this whole thing. My sister is not a bad person, she has never denied her to see Emma, she is a very protective mom and just does not feel comfortable dropping her off right now. I just don't see why she can't go by my sisters wishes. How crappy for someone to tell you that they don't wish to see you only the baby. If I were in that situation I hope that my mother in law would treat me better. This should bring a family closer not tear them apart. Now my sister has contacted a lawyer of her own and who knows how long this whole thing will drag out. So I am kinda happy we are taking her out of town away from all this crap. I actually feel sorry for Todd's Mom because she has to be so pig headed that she is just waisting precious time with Emma. I was a very protective mom when my kids were little. I allowed them to stay at my Moms only over night, and that was only if I needed her to take them and because she lives just down the road. Some parents do not leave their children, especially an 18 month old. What bothers me the most is Emma is Stephanies daughter, she knows what is best for her. I would not like my own mother demanding me to leave my kids. You just don't demand such a thing. So who knows, I hate being in the middle of this because their are some of Todd's family members that I do care about so I don't want to offend them but Steph is my sister and I am going to help her in whatever way I can. I am praying that everything works out for the best.


jennschultz said...

Wow...what a mess. Last I heard there were no "Grandparental" rights in this state. It was a while ago, but I know someone else who went through it. I would never leave my baby with someone who is a stranger to them. Its too bad that the MIL went about this totally wrong.Its sad that she doesnt see how easy this could be.