Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Life/ Thinking Back..

I have a new obsession... I love all the survey's on MySpace. Yesterday I filled one out called "How I met John". It was all questions about how you met your significant other. Well last night on the ride home from Muskegon I started telling John about the survey and my son and his big ears started asking questions about how I met his Daddy. So John and I tell him the story about how my Sister and his brother used to Date and basically that is how it all started. Well he wanted to know more, our ages, which most of you know while I was out of Highschool, John was still in Highschool, so Tyler found that very amusing. He payed close attention to our story. John and I were pretty surprised about how much we both still remmeber being 12 years ago. We each remember the first time our hands brushed up against each other. It was kinda fun thinking back about how our relationship came about. Of course he wanted to know about when I was pregnant for him. I told him that when he was born I had lost my job and we were dirt poor. I had to work at Meijer's again just to buy diapers for him. It's funny how I remember that so well and it was such a long time ago. John worked during the day and I worked at night. It was a really tough time for us just having a baby and all. But by the grace of God, and my cousin's husband, John was able to get this great job that payed good money and offered lot's of over time. I was so excited it was right before Tyler's first Christmas and I would have had to work alot on the Holiday's. John came home and said he got the job and minutes later I quit mine. I was never so happy and he has been there ever since. I look back at that time in our lives and I am so thankful I got to spend the time with Tyler. It was only him and I most of the time, John worked alot of off shifts and often worked 7 days a week. We lived at Tiffany Woods so we were in walking distance to everything. I often feel so bad because I am just so busy to do anything with Tyler alone these days, but now looking back I realize all the time we shared when he was younger really made a strong base for our relationship. Then of course Mackenzie wanted to hear about when she was a baby. I had lots to tell her, she loves hearing about how much I wanted her. I always tell her the story of how I tried for a whole year to get pregnant and stay pregnant and finally after giving up I was blessed to be pregnant with her. Here favorite part is after she was born I held her all the time. I cooked, cleaned, did everything with her attached to me. She just loves hearing that. I guess it reminds her of how special she is to me. After all that I felt kinda guilty for Hailey because I think being the last child I did not have as much time for her. I don't know if I have ever given her good one on one time. I was not able to spoil her as much as the older two. In fact I am constantly telling her what a pain in my butt she is. If only I could turn back time and appreciate all those moments. Well I guess it's never to late to start.


Anonymous said...

Oh Shelly! Reading this actually brought tears to my eyes! I remember spending many nights with you and Tyler, visiting Tom when he was working at the hobby store and eating at Subway. I'll never forget you telling me all about this cute guy in the trailer park who drove a red Beretta - as that was always my favorite car! And remember the time John drove us down to Marcus Park and made us roll up the windows when we got there?? And the time Tom asked him to be in our wedding & John thought he was going to ask something else! ~Ha! Good times! Here's to MANY more years of good time and memory building!! Love you guys!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

What a trip down memorey lane!! Is'nt it amazing how something can feel like yesterday, but when you step back and look at everything that has happened in the time between "yesterday" and today it's so much? I still remember the first time you told me about John and I could tell by your voice that he was the one. You guys have came so far and have a beautiful family together!!
Love ya~L

jennschultz said...

I love how when we can look back over a period of time and actually see how everything works out so beautifully. Real love gets us through the toughest times. Where you can look back and see how struggling to make ends meet makes us better appreciate what we have now. And also know that "stuff" doesn't matter so much. Your kids are lucky to have such lovely stories of their place in your family. My guess is that Hailey is still making her story.

And I love reading the surveys!

Katie McKenna said...

ohhh this is such a beautiful read..a wonderful sharing that made me cry! You really are fortunate in so many ways! Thanks for sharing yourself!