Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Life/ Loving Daddy...

After a week of being sick John finally gave in and went to the doctor. To bad the doctor said there was nothing he could do for him, he would just have to ride it out. He finally stopped running a temp last night, I have never seen him so sick I mean he does not remember hardly anything from this past week. I was talking about how we got so much rain on Sunday and how the temperature was almost 50 degree's and now we are back to freezing, he said he had no idea it even rained or that it was so warm out on Sunday. I guess that's what having a high fever will do to you. What still amazes me though is that I have been telling him for the past week to go to the doctor, his Mom, my Mom everyone thought he should be seen because of the duration of his fever, but it was not until someone from work suggested he see a doctor does he actually go, I guess I see how I rate. Mackenzie has been so worried about her Daddy, she will make an awesome mother some day. She was constantly checking his temp, bringing him things, covering him up with blankets. I think she took better care of him then I did. She made him get well cards and pictures. What a wonderful daughter.


Life in the Fast Lane said...

Kenzie is such a sweety!! I love the homemade cards. Them are the best kind! She sure does look like her mommy in that picture, especially with them dimples=) Glad to hear John is starting to feel better.

regina said...

yes your daughter's so sweet :)

thanks for dropping by my blog some time back and sorry i didn't visit yours sooner :) have not been that diligent on updating :) may i link over?