Friday, February 15, 2008

My Life/ Finally The Weekend.....

I could not be more ready for the weekend. It has been such a slow week, I was not sure I would make it til Friday. The kids are on mid winter break, which means they had today and Monday off. Which means my house is pretty crazy.... Monday will not be as busy as today so at least that's behind me. I love spying on the kids, that may sound evil, but I get such a kick at how kids talk to one another when they think adults are not looking. We tried to do many activities to make the day pass but it still seemed to drag on for me. Katie had all the kids participate in a coloring contest, The winners receieved skittles, well everyone actually got skittles but the winners which were two because of age groups got to bring home a pack of their own. We had story time which the boy's basically thought this meant bounce off the walls time. (That's what the skittles can do to you.) We had pizza because I was to lazy to make lunch, but the kids all seemed to love that. My house was so busy earlier it actually feels weird just having my three home tonight. I keep hearing kids yelling in my mind.(Crazy) It feels so nice to actually stay home on a Friday night and have nothing to get up early for tomorrow. John is not feeling to good, he caught the bad cough, fever and chills that is going around so that is another reason we are in for the night. Well my hope is to have a very relaxing no drama weekend (if that is even possible) so we shall see...


Life in the Fast Lane said...

If the shattering glass candle when I picked up my three is any indication of how crazy your day was I can totally understand why you are still feel like you are going nuts!! LOL=) Kendall and Ryleigh kept talking all night about how much fun they had with the activities you guys did. I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend & that John is feeling better!!
Love ya~L

Anonymous said...

Wow - I forgot about mid winter break..I'm sure your place was a tad on the crazy side - or shall I say, just a tad crazier than usual?! ~Ha
It's nice you have Katie there to help you when days are like that. I hope John starts feeling better soon! I know it's a tough one to kick - that's for sure! Hopefully this week will be a little less hectic!
See you tomorrow!