Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

Last weekend was the relay for life, Happy to announce that our team (Team Gavin) came in 3rd over all. I think our team raised over $5000, and total for the relay was over 50,000 which is amazing considering how the economy is right now. My kids and I put in about 5 miles that night. Which was not that bad considering how windy and cold the weather was. What a crappy Saturday for relay to fall on. We were literally outside all day and all evening. We were up early to make it to Isaac and Allisons soccer game, I had found out the night before that Kendall, Ryleigh and Aiden all played at the same time as the other two so I thought this will be perfect I catch a bit of each of their games all in the same day. After that we went to relay praying for the sun to pop out and possibly warm things up a bit, no such luck. My kids and John included could not not take the bitter cold, so we did a few laps and left for lunch and John and Ty went to baseball practice and the kids and I headed to Jr's birthday party which was also outside. By now I am just numb, the kids were fine because they were running around playing. After that back to relay we went, thankfully the wind finally calmed down later in the evening and once we started walking that helped us stay warm. Miss Hailey I was so proud of, she walked the whole time, I had Alex in the stroller so she had no choice but to walk and she did not complain once. She was the smart one, when we came back she wore her winter coat and hat. We did not make it to hear the reading of the names which disappointed me a bit but we were cold and tired. Kudos for all those who made it the entire night, it's a tough thing to do. Also to Mashawn for being the absolute strongest woman I know. Everyday I wonder how she does it, she has been through so much with Gavins illness and death and yet she still manages to roll out of bed everyday and often gives me comfort with all her stories about Gavin. I have always known that these kids with cancer are very special and God gives them special Moms to be there and care for them and Mashawn is no exception. The sacrifices she has made and the person she has become just inspires me every day that I see her. God brought them into my life and for that I will always be grateful and thankful and I am a better person for it.. Also thank you to those of you who donated money on my behalf, every bit counts!


Jodi said...

nice post, shelly. mashawn is lucky to have you in her corner. very inspiring stuff. i was sad for all of you saturday...what a crappy day. rock on to all the people who obviously don't care about the weather...they were there for a much bigger thing and no wind was going to keep them from getting the word out. truly inspiring.

Lea said...

I could not have said it better! Mashawn rocks!! Gavin was such a little spit fire and was so deeply in touch with his mom.
It was freezing there and I am disappointed I didn't get to stay as long as I had planned. However there's something about a kid turning purple from the cold that makes us head home! HA!